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, March 1 2008. The best polo players in the world, among them Adolfo Cambiaso, participated in the Sixth Generosity Polo Cup which was held in Patagones Polo Club near Miami to benefit needy children in Latin America.
Cambiaso participated together with other Argentine and American polo players in this event organized by Fundación Manos del Sur in Miami which raised funds to carry out health and educational programs in several countries in Latin America.
Argentine models María Vazquez and Loli Lopez were some of the celebrities who supported the event. Pato Cabrera, champion of the last golf open tournament in the United States, who was invited by Cambiaso, also arrived at the Polo Club.

 “I think it is really important to support the people who do charity events. If each of us makes a little effort, we can make improve the lives of many kids,” Cambiaso explained.
Quilmes Team won the Cup against teams Cinque Terre and Pilará. The second place was earned by Cinque Terre and Pilará, team in which Cambiaso played,  was left in third place.
Besides Cambiaso, Pilará team was composed by Francisco Pereyra Iraola, Lucas Criado and David Stirling. Quilmes team was made up by Marcelo Young, who was considered the best player in the event, Ignacio Heguy, Matias Magrini and Pablo Mac Donough. And Cinque Terre team was composed by Rich Rothenberg, Mariano Aguerre, Lucas Monteverde and Nick Roldán.
"This is our sixth consecutive polo cup. Thanks to the generosity of the polo players, sponsors, volunteers and the people who support the event by buying a ticket, this event has always been a success", dijo Paulina Montes, director and one of the founders of  Manos del Sur.
"Our mission is to support children living in extreme poverty in Latin America and give them the opportunity to become healthy adults in the future, adapt themselves to society and live accomplished lives", Montes explained.
Thanks to the funds raised, Fundación Manos del Sur, together with other organizations, financially supports hundreds of children mainly as regards nutrition, education and health.
Just after noon, the people started to arrive at Patagones Polo Club. Everybody enjoyed a sunny day in the countryside. There were food stands of Kouzine, La Estancia Argentina and Quilmes.
The children had their own space just beside the polo field where they had a great time with inflatable slides, jump mats, rock climbers and soccer fields.
At dawn, la Fundación Manos del Sur organized a dinner for 200 guests in a tent located in the amazing Patagones Country Club, property of the Argentine Gonzalo Avendaño. The tables and lounges invited people to relax and enjoy good food and music. Nito Mestre sang his best songs.

Gonzalo Avendaño, owner of Patagones Polo Club, where for the second consecutive year the Generosity Polo Cup was held, was in charge of giving the awards to the winners. Right afterwards, Avendaño auctioned among those present a T-shirt of La Dolfina signed by Adolfo Cambiaso to benefit Fundación Manos del Sur. After several bids, the T-shirt was sold to two ladies who paid 800 dollars for having a garment signed by the best polo player in the world in their closet.

Polo player vs. Golf player
The best surprise during the Generosity Polo Cup held in Patagones Polo Club in Palm Beach was given by the Argentine golf player Angel “Pato” Cabrera, champion of last year’s Open Tournament in the United States when he unexpectedly showed up to support the cause.  “I was in Palm Beach participating in a tournament and Adolfito invited me to this charity event, so I immediately showed up”, Cabrera explained.
Cambiaso welcomed his friend and invited him a drink just before the three matches he had to play. The two Argentine sportsmen talked a while about their projects for this current year and about the polo season Cambiaso starts in the United States to continue in England.
Cabrera and Cambiaso were playing jokes and called bets as to who could hit the ball with the best precision.  Just then, somebody handed them some balls and golf sticks over and both started to hit the balls from one side of the field to the polo goal line. After several attempts and after discussing what would the winner get, the polo player, who stroke a goal in the line just in the opposite side of the field, became the winner.



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